Module that implements the default filter.

copyright:Copyright 2006-2013 by the Pygments team, see AUTHORS.
license:BSD, see LICENSE for details.
class pygments.filter.Filter(**options)[source]

Default filter. Subclass this class or use the simplefilter decorator to create own filters.

class pygments.filter.FunctionFilter(**options)[source]

Abstract class used by simplefilter to create simple function filters on the fly. The simplefilter decorator automatically creates subclasses of this class for functions passed to it.

pygments.filter.apply_filters(stream, filters, lexer=None)[source]

Use this method to apply an iterable of filters to a stream. If lexer is given it’s forwarded to the filter, otherwise the filter receives None.


Decorator that converts a function into a filter:

def lowercase(lexer, stream, options):
for ttype, value in stream:
yield ttype, value.lower()

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